The project is made up of four partners from different European countries. Combining the experience of implementing and conducting mentoring processes in different countries, including partner countries, will allow to create a more universal, replicable model for cooperation, support and professional activation of women from European countries.

🇵🇱 Fundacja Mamo Pracuj

Mamo Pracuj Foundation is a foundation from Poland with experience in effective work with women returning to the labor market after a break due to childbirth, as well as experience in working with employers who want to hire parents (with a particular focus on mothers) to join their teams. The Foundation has extensive experience in organizing mentoring programs in cooperation with employers and other NGOs, where mentors are employees of companies and mentees are women returning to the labor market after a break.

Neotalentway logo

Neotalentway 🇪🇸

Neotalentway is a training and educational centre from Spain focusing in the training for employment and insertion of employed and unemployed people, because nowadays there is more competitiveness in the world of work, thus, they want to give a new opportunity and to help people in their self-knowledge and grown-up. Neotalentway born with the idea of providing training at all levels from the perspective of personal development, skills and career guidance. Their main objective is to favor and develop talent skills in people.

🇬🇷 Women On Top

Women On Top is a non-profit organization from Greece dedicated to women's career empowerment and equality at work. It was founded in 2012 and has since created and monitored more than 930 mentoring partnerships for unemployed women who want to change their careers, work in male-dominated occupations, build their own businesses, etc. Its projects have covered more than 1,200 unemployed, employed and self-employed women in skills acquisition related to development and career activation.

Edumocni logo

Fundacja Edumocni 🇵🇱

Edumocni Foundation operates in the sector of informal education through the organization of vocational training courses to develop skills and qualifications of adults, career counseling and vocational activation activities. In addition, we acquire and implement EU projects in the field of, among others: social innovation, local initiatives, social reintegration, professional activation. They specialize in the development of digital competence and support in personal development using coaching methods and group workshops.

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